William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(A Heavy Hitting Story)

When Norm got in trouble and was put on the spot
Norm had to appear before Fast-Dukes Firlotte
light on his feet he had a fast swing
and also he had his own boxing ring

No one argued with the Company Boss
Company Champion, all wins and no loss
It wasn’t just Rifleman Norman Van Tassel
None of the defaulters wanted the hassle

They all took their punishment as meted out
Who’s the winner in the ring… was never in doubt
A lot of these lads again Norm will see
when he goes to the re-union of the QOR of C!

C Company in Korea was the only Company maybe in history that had a boxing ring in the Company lines. It also had a Company Commander that was a heavy weight boxing contender. Major R.B. Firlotte. When you went on to orders parade and he said to you will you accept my punishment you never heard anyone say no sir. I think the boxing ring had something to do with it.

Norm Van Tassell
April 29, 2005