William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Our Journey from Spears and Clubs to Nuclear Bombs)

At one time our recorded history was a fraud and a scam
Carbon dating exposed the lies, about dug up Piltdown man
Are we an experiment from far reaches of outer space?
Self-destruction is it built in, for the entire human race?

The fossil record of early primates in the Pleistocene
Produced dug up humanoid jawbones, very manlike, they seem
We’ve tool use, thumb and fingers; we also have a big brain!
Manufacturing hunting weapons, we followed the seasons and game.

Because of Kenyan discoveries, nothing now is the same
Arthritic Africanus Robustus once lived constantly with the pain
At Olduvai Gorge on the vast arid Serengeti Plain
where the Ngorongoro Crater gave the Leakey’s their worldwide fame!

We know that Java and Peking Man both had the use of fire
Those dig studies reveal a global interest and an increased desire
For the study of Neanderthal culture and our recent Cro-Magnon Man
To help worldwide students like you and me to know and understand

As we globally kill each other for different Religions and Oil
And we toss away our tons of garbage and put out our wastes to spoil
Are we that greatest experiment from the vastness of far outer space?
Is a wipe-out our programmed pre-destiny to eliminate the whole human race?

We are the homo sapiens – we are a primate that has a big brain
Our increase in unchecked numbers, on our planet is a constant drain
We’ve punctured our ozone layer; we’ve poisoned our sources of water
Our spears now ‘ve become KT bombs that can bring upon earth total slaughter!

Author’s Note: KT = Kiloton Atomic Bombs which are presently desired by Iran to destroy Israel, the fall out of which will kill everyone in and around the Middle East and poison the air for generations to come. Manmade mistakes at Chernobyl will look like a picnic lunch in comparison. Belsen and Dachau, Rwanda, the Armenians by the Turks, Darfur – all are mini picture windows of what will follow a Nuclear War – as nothing will grow – survivors will kill each other for stored food and we will revert to being early primates, like T Rex. We will become fossils… or will reason prevail?