William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


In youth I was posted far and wide
Serving my Country with love and pride
I had shed sad tears for buddies who died
Having lost two good friends to suicide

The Canadian Army didn’t think too much of PTSD
Until Romeo was wounded for all the world to see
Having been touched myself, or so it seemed to me
I eased inner pain on a constant alcohol spree

With great sense of pride and a feeling of glee
I found solace in the writing of poetry
The printed word, it has helped to set me free
Using the pen, the computer, and very strong coffee!

I read the works of others at the IWVPA
Listening to the words they had to say
These good people suffered far worse than me
They conquered the curse of their PTSD!

I still see the liquor bottle there sitting on the coffee table
Hiding thoughts and feelings there, behind a whiskey label
I faced my demons and gave up the mind dulling strong drink
For the writing of rhymes one must be able to think!

My Hinglish writings, they border on being quite rude
And my patois poetry is often assessed as being lewd
Often the language is considered really quite crude
My quitting the drink – that was sheer intestinal fortitude!

Submitted for the April 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Fortitude