William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I found my way along life’s path through the long years of joy and strife.
I find my children have left the nest, now I have found a quieter life?
I find my grandchildren visit me, with their songs and laughter so nice!
I find that I now have more time to talk with my darling Lynne, my wife.

I found religion when I was young and it did not keep me from having fun.
When everything was going too fine, I’d get caught, and I was fined.
I found myself on 2 weeks CB[1], doing pack drill, again, I was not free.
Behind a cold steel cell door I slept for a fortnight on the guardroom floor.

I found myself being late for parade and that is why the fine was paid.
I found the Platoon Sergeant had no sense of humour, for Rifleman Willbond.
I found the Officer Commanding to be fair and of him, I was quite fond.
Then I heard the old OC[2] shout: “Sergeant Major march him out”!

I heard the words 14 and 25[3], yelled by the CSM[4] right in my ear.
I found that the parade voice was deafening, and I could not hear.
Left right left right double time for the next 2 weeks son, you are mine.
White washing path rocks was insane; it washed right off in the German rain.

I found I was doing an hour’s pack drill in the dark before duty bugler’s Reveille.
With KFS[5] and Mess Tins in front of the mess hall the defaulters we would rally.
We would pick up our bangers and powdered eggs and to the Guard Room we would sally.
In the bull pen we ate our breckie[6] , and the meat heads[7] they took tally.

Life it was interesting when I was young, I studied Chinese and I carried a gun.
It was exciting jumping out of planes, I am old now, and some weight I have gained.
I find that my memories are filed away in my old mental computer up there.
I find myself watching the defaulters again, doing pack drill, out there on the square.