William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I read the paper every day
There are the coffins of each KIA[1]
Met by SNIC[2] and the MND[3]
At Trenton’s Herc Delivery

The terrorists train in Pakistan
Then cross into Afghanistan
Where the Princess Pats[4] and the RCR[5]
Bravely fight from each LAV III car[6]

Each Canadian is a brave volunteer
Those mine removing Engineers
And our brave Medics who are saving lives
For Mom’s and Dad’s and Kids and wives!

Fighting evil hand to hand
Against the terrorist Taliban
Constructing roads, building each school
Living by the Golden Rule[7]!

Author’s Note: The names of the fallen are listed in the 7th book of remembrance and on the wall of honour at the Peace Park in Calgary. They died for the freedom of others. May they all Rest in Peace