William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Come pause a while, lend me your ear
I’ll mention some of the things I fear
The loss of love – continued strife
War and famine, major loss of life

A fall from Grace, a poor Leper’s face
Pandemic disasters for the human race
I fear millions and millions will be gone
Should Al Qaeda acquire the Atomic Bomb

I fear that my Army Pension Cheque
Won’t pay the bills, but what the heck?
I fear strokes and cancer and a heart attack
From smokes, and beer and too many Big Macs

I fear that due to the passing of time
I’ll lose my ability for writing rhyme
My odes and poems will continue to get worse
Fearing loss of my love for writing verse!

I fear the loss of heaven and the fires of hell
And dead human bodies – what a terrible smell
The digging was hard, not buried too deep
Their odours still haunt me during hours of sleep

Hundreds of poems are running through my head
And I guess this will continue until I am dead
I have lots of love, beautiful Lynne is here
So actually, I really, have nothing to fear!

Submitted for the April 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Fear