William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Machine Gun Bill Fischer, Bob Budgell and me
Did a few months of battalion pack drill, on the square on CB.
The crowd it is thinning out now, the old Molly Bar Crew;
A great bunch of Riflemen that that you and I both knew.

Rifleman Donnie “the Rat” Randall and buddy Shakey MacNeil,
Worked for old Zump the pump in the Sennelager Field.
Bobby worked MGs with my friend, John Ward Leighton.
With Dortmunder Pils snap caps, there was great debating.

We all kept in touch, down through the long e mail years.
I got back today from Kelowna and my eyes filled with tears.
Those darn last post messages, they can hit one so quick.
We knew Bob was fighting lung cancer, and that he was real sick.

It is difficult to talk to family; one is lost for comfort words to say.
Lads there is one thing for certain, the Rock lost a good man today.
So Barbara and family, please hold each other real close.
You backed him up through this fight – he loved you the most.

Author’s Note: Sees ya later on Buds, on da Rod’s big parade square in de sky:
Bye for now

Machine Gun Platoon, Germany 1963
Machine Gun Platoon, Germany 1963. Rifleman Bob Budgell is standing, first on the left.
Photograph courtesy of John-Ward Leighton