William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The stories of peace missions and the sad tales of war
Are contained within the pages of our own Esprit de Corps.
I look forward each issue to the Les Peate project.
He tells it like it historically is, this old Korean War Vet.

Scott Taylor goes out to get the plain facts on the ground.
Often differing from our Government, his opinions are sound.
Not afraid to kick some high up, yellow shoulder braided ass,
And he pulls no punches when it comes to tarnished brass.

Military folks write letters to the editor, to have their say
About the claw back of pensions and the NVC way.
How our wounded are lump summed and quickly forgotten;
And perhaps somewhere in Denmark, something is rotten?

Stories of military history and war tales of our vets
In between the Esprit de Corps pages, lest we forget.
Thank you Scott Taylor for all the things that you write.
The sword it is mighty but the pen can win fights (and rights).