William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canadian Esprit De Corps Magazine
Canadian Esprit De Corps Magazine
There’s a Canadian magazine, it’s called: “Esprit de Corps”
Reporting on Canada’s Military in both Peace and War
We hear about General Hillier, now called the Big Cod
A far cry from the exploits of the old ADM’s Teflon Bob

It kept many of our Old Generals away up on their toes
With investigative reports about this, that, these, and those
It pointed out where the Defence Monies money all went
The tax dollars that our DND civic bosses had spent!

It kept track of downsizing by Libranos Chretien and Martin
Before that far away Afghanistan Terrorist War it was starting
Now we’ve reports on logistical equipments used by the guys
Those Kevlar vests and the helmets that help to save Canadian lives

Big Artillery Pieces and Choppers and that new bunch of tanks
Some say pressures EdeC brought should receive all our thanks!
So thank you Scott Taylor, the Esprit de Corps Editor and Boss
Your ads spread our word about work done by Canada’s ICROSS!

We send out the Izzy Dolls and new born Boomer’s to the 3rd world
And EdeC helps us to bring smiles to the faces of each boy and girl
EdeC helps wee Aids Orphans and the children of war
God Bless all of the staff who work at Esprit de Corps!