William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We trained for a Northern Winter War.
Pulling heavy toboggans was our daily chore.
We loved to listen to Rifleman Ernie Grant.
He could tell great jokes and he could really rant.
Across the bleak tundra and through the deep snow,
Over the frozen muskegs wearing mukluks we’d go.
We’ll remember those days of youth, up on the tree line.
I sure hope Buddie Ernie is feeling a wee bit fine?
I’ll go to the hospital to visit my old chum.
I’ll try to be serious and not be too glum.
I’ll bring him a Timmy’s fresh double-double
And a playboy magazine to ease his troubles.

Author’s Note: Winter Warfare Training ~ 1964: The following photographs were taken with the little box brownie camera that my Mom gave me for Christmas in 1958. I used it in Europe and when I was in the AIRBORNE REGIMENT and unfortunately all of my photos are in B&W – it’s a long way from videos, CDs and cell phones that take pictures and make movies

Rfn Cyril Barnes
Rfn Cyril Barnes - Life Long Friend
Cpl Billy Willbond and RiflemanBill Mason, frying eggs on a shovel
Cpl Billy Willbond and Rfn Bill Mason, frying eggs on a shovel

Cpl Billy Willbond
Cpl Billy Willbond
My Boss - Sgt Don Ethell
My Boss - Sgt Don Ethell