William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(A Trip Down Memory Lane)

Billy Willbond: Equipment ChecksIs the helmet strap done up? Ensure it is snug and not twisted. Winter white cover cloth or camouflage cover is not too loose so as to blow and flap around.

Check canopy releases closely.

Are chest straps locked into the QRB?

No red showing on the QRB: safety lock inserted?

Look at the waist band: is the reserve properly attached to the D Rings? Check pack opening bands Rigger Seal, Are rip cord pins inserted into cones, check pack in general and close the protector flap.

Check to see that leg straps are not twisted, pass through the same loops or main lift web and locked into QRB!

Check jumper’s hands for wedding rings – have them remove same or tape them.

Are risers twisted? Check snap fastener. Check static line for fraying and stitching.

Pass static line over proper shoulder. Insert slack into slack control loop and under the horizontal stows. Trace static line from reserve to slack control loop by hand. Check Horizontal stows. Check pack closing tie. Give the pack the once over. Check the saddle, then tap the jumper and tell him or her that they are okay.

There are additional checks for Rifles, Snow Shoes, Skis and large packs, sleeping bags or bed rolls, smg stowed under the reserve, equipment bags and lowering straps etc. but this general drill is completed on every jumper prior to every drop. No exceptions.

Because our drills are so good we have few (very few) accidents caused by equipment. The quality control checks carried out by personal inspection done by parachute riggers (now called safety systems technicians or SS Techs) and by Regimental jump masters prior to sticks advancing to the aircraft, is done religiously each and every time.

Okay all you experts what did I miss? (I helped make up the training SOPs in the Canadian Airborne Regiment Operations Office in 1968) As always, we stole or borrowed from other sources. Things might have changed since the days of Cpl Nobby Clarke, the singing rigger, (I can’t see Nobby as a SST somehow?) Anyway he and the Chief Jumpmaster briefed us on what to list in the body of the contents, but I bet they have not changed the check list rules that much since 1968?