William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I’ve jumped into the emptiness that paratroopers know
I’ve landed soft on silken wing on freshly fallen snow
Orphans sitting in the dust’s a sight to break one’s heart
The emptiness, the space within, can tear one’s soul apart

Emptiness can kill you if it’s an empty magazine
This can be felt by soldiers in a nightmare dream
An empty box of ammo and an empty ammo pouch
death filled dreams of emptiness whilst sleeping on the couch

I see that empty bottle there. It’s sitting on the table.
It covered up some hidden thoughts behind a whiskey label
An empty heart, an empty mind, an empty jug of booze
provide a feel of emptiness as on the couch I snooze

Empty now is that space where twin towers met the sky
No closure for the family(s) who ask the question: Why?
And empty is the stomach of the famine child who dies
No one hears the empty sobs of her Mother when she cries

The emptiness of outer space? Sure that’s not true at all
it’s filled with things like planets, just like our earth, a ball
Emptiness it can be filled by a good woman’s love
and by our prayers filled with joy obtained from God above!

Submitted for the January 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Emptiness