William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


My AIRBORNE brother you will do exceptionally well.
Your film will have a wonderful story to tell.
Chinese Dragons dancing in the Vancouver street:
Colourful costumes of beauty, orientally neat.

The camera is a wonderful recording machine
That you have long mastered from scene to scene:
Your years of writing about the street stairs
Along with your uplifting photos of care.

You captured the veterans living out on the street.
The sad stories on film are so faceless, discrete.
Torn down fleabag hotels are now condos for the rich.
The poor are there, eating a soup kitchen’s sandwich.

You take the street photos of the day-to-day poverty obscene.
Captured on film are your streets of the constant mean scene.
So I think that your New Year Chinese film, it will succeed:
I look forward to the completed product, I do, yes indeed!

Photo ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton Photo ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton John-Ward Leighton: Photo ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton