William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I take the time to make it rhyme
I write long odes to lovers
‘bout buzzing bees and camel fleas
that infest those terrorist buggers.

I love the fleas who copulate
in the enemy’s ear
the eggs all hatch and then they live
in Bin Ladin’s rear.

Long may he itch long may he scratch
whilst passing fleas from bum to snatch
It won’t be long till the yanks they catch
Bin Ladin meeting his perfect match

There’s 25 million on his head
He’s wanted either alive or dead
Osama he soon will be in hell
someone will fink someone will tell.

Like his buddy Soddom Insane
Osama will stroll down memory lane
and dream about those crashing planes.

Ground zero was his real down fall
Because anti-terrorists rose to the call

Author’s Note: In doodle thought poetry you just type thoughts in rhyme and keep on going – it’s kinda fun