William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Ahmed Ressam
Ahmed Ressam: Judge offers convicted terrorist a final chance to testify against two suspected al-Qaeda collegues. Ahmed Ressam agrees to postpone sentencing to July 28, 2005
Ahamad Ressam is a dead man walking
for ratting out Canadian sleeper cells
Ressam has been loudly a-talking
he is on the fast track to hell.
Black Moslems or members of the clan
will finish off this terrorist man

The cops in Montreal knew about this man
before he travelled to Afghanistan.
For what reason did they refuse to tell
the RCMP about his sleeper cell?
Has Canadian unity gone to hell?

In Toronto Islamic Chaplains, now for a while
have access to each CPIC and PIRS file
Of course they are honest and they won’t tell
the El Qaeda about info on each sleeper cell?
In Vancouver it’s queer that Samir is still here!

Samir Ait Mohamed remains in detention
and this is the bone of some deep contention
As a terrorist he should be given the boot
His protection by Canada is questionably moot
Let the Americans have this terrorist brute!