William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The beauty sits there upon that plate
Waiting until we all have ate
For me it seems it’s too dammed late
To eat that diabetic’s chocolate cake!

I went up to Chester’s funeral to-day
I heard good things people had to say
Poor old Chester he has passed away
I close my eyes and for him I pray

Chester had a boat and a live aboard cat
So on board he had neither mouse nor rat
His friends they gathered by Mill Bay’s shore
To honour his memory – now he lives ever more!

Author’s Note: Farewell to CSM WO2 Chester Hendrick, late of the 1st Bn QOR of C. RIP Chief

I received these photos from Gord Kisch. Chester had an inoperable terminal cancer – he knew it and faced it with courage. He left this mortal coil on the 20th of March 2008 and his Farewell Service was held on the 30 of March at Mill Bay.

Chester had moved ashore a few years back and he and his cat lived in a mobile home he purchased – he stayed there right up until the time of his passing. His niece was handling the estate.

We had a farewell toast to him and we had a round robin of Chester stories. I put entries in the book for Don Ethell, Murray Edwards, and Dick Cowling and advised the NOK that these gentlemen knew and admired Chester – he was a friend to them. Everyone agreed he was a gentle man.

AIRBORNE blessings – up the buffs

Billy Willbond: Dessert and Farewell

Billy Willbond: Dessert and Farewell