William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Doodle Thought Poetry)

The fortune teller scatters the bones
reads the tea leaves and colourful stones.
She foretells the future in the backrooms of bars
isn’t it written in the stars?
No, not the ones on Hollywood Boulevard
but the ones in the heart of life
from the gyrations of lust from each wife;
that is what brings us the future!

John worries about massive global warming
as he muses each early day morning and as he says,
of course – he surely not fit
till he shaves, and showers, shampoos and shits
and the coffee is on –
hear the jazz singers song
and the news on the screen is all read
more reports of the US Iraq dead!

Although there’s a price on his head
Bin Ladin still speaks, so it’s said?
He has spoken from out of the grave?
or are they playing old tapes – previously made?
No one’s collecting the 25 million?
If he’s dead it could be a zillion!

And this poem goes on
like John’s headset taped song
and the future is clearer this morning?
We’ll fry – from the new global warning?
Iran has new Nukes and refuses rebukes;
a madman is loose with nuke power
bringing man closer to our final hour!

A response to the poem, “Deliberate” – ©Copyright January 20, 2006 by John-Ward Leighton