William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Death Before Dishonour - The TattooHere’s a soldier story that I’ll tell to you
about the right arm bayonet-rose tattoo
we shined boots and we shined brass
speaking tough, young guys, we sounded crass

The bayonet of death and the rose of life
death before dishonour during strife
Each tattooed lad an oath would swear
If Canada needs us – we will be there!

Fifty years later these lads are marked
it wasn’t a recruit training platoon lark
many served in far off fields overseas
buried o’er there, remember these?

So when you see a bayonet scroll tattoo
You’ll know what that lad was prepared to do
He spent his youth soldiering, that is true
He was keeping the peace for me and you!