William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Da Budge is gonna go on dat Big C Sick Parade!
Lard tunderin geez let doze Riflemen all Pray!
Send your love and give hugs to Bobby’s wife Barb.
Send Bobby your love and a big get well card.

Bob’s an old QOR tough guy – he’ll fight that Big C!
He would not want any pity from you and from me.
His old MG buddy John Leighton has beat Cancer twice.
We pray da Budge does de same an dat would be nice!

Author’s Note: Friends, John Ward Leighton, poet, photographer, soldier and QOR buddy send this picture and his blog support for his old MG Pl buddy Bob Budgell. We all hope that Bob will overcome this life threatening disease. He is a fighter. Please keep him in your prayers.

Canadian QOR Machine Gun Platoon: Germany 1963
Bob is pictured standing in the rear rank, first man on the left. John is pictured kneeling third man from the left (2 men to the right of Merv Sneddon)

From: Robert Budgell [mailto:XXXXXXXXX]
Sent: May-09-09 6:04 AM
Subject: illness

Greetings family and friends: just a little note to let you know that we face some difficult challenges over the next few months. Many relatives and friends already know this, and we hope you may already have heard this news, but just in case, you don’t know, here goes. Bob has been diagnosed with lung cancer – a mass in his right lung. Wednesday, he was equipped with oxygen in the house, to help his breathing. We are presently waiting for an appointment with the cancer clinic in St. Johns, where he will be seen by a team of oncologists, who will decide what his method of treatment will be. We are positive and taking things one day at a time. Please pass this on to any family members and friends whose addresses I do not have.


Hi Barb, hang in there – I got de QOR Molly Bar gang praying hard – an you know dat sinner’s prayers are often answered. Hugs – Billy