William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Dale Dirks: he hails from a BC Okanogan Town.
He doesn’t want his Government to let our wounded down.
He took up his pen and he wrote to his M.P.
He lobbied on behalf of clawed back veterans, like thee.

Canadian Veterans will parade up on Parliament Hill
On behalf of our wounded, the very seriously ill.
Dale doesn’t want lump sums, but medical pensions
For the sightless and limbless before their extreme unction.

He supports Colonel P@’s move to amend the Vets’ Charter
But the Budman was fired before fixing that matter.
Dale Dirks is a great Canadian Artist of miniature scenes:
He once proudly wore the uniform of his Country and Queen.

Painting by Dale DirksPainting by Dale Dirks
Paintings by Dale Dirks

From: Dale Dirks [email address supplied]
Sent: October-31-10 1:01 PM

I must share this with all of you as it is an honour to have Billy Willbond, poet extraordinaire and one of the top advocates for Veterans pension reform, to pen and compose what is written. I am humbled by this and very thankful. I have received many accolades during my time on earth but none has impacted as much as this. Thank you Billy