William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Chappatie: International Herlad Tribune
Cartoon by Chappatie
International Herald Tribune
Thugs, kidnappers, murderers and more
Spread o’er the world these continuous wars
They behead innocent people on the T.V.
And stone women to death who want to be free!

A Religion of Peace? Supports this increase?
Of cruelty and death, will it ever cease?
They train in the mosque and in the madras
Hezbollah, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas

Sunni and Shiite and the Martyrs’ Brigade
Killing each other in a blood escapade
Women and children die from roadside IEDs[1]
As fanatic extremists tight against peace!

Terrorist leaders train kids to blow themselves up
Promising 72 virgins and other heavenly stuff
Note none of these clerics who teach Moslem hate
Put themselves on the line for a similar fate?

Fighters hide behind women, they hide behind kids
Bragging about twin towers and the things that they did
We saw them dancing on the Moslem mean street
Firing guns in the air as loud claims of defeat!

Medieval barbarians with the manners of the beast
On the blood of their people they continue to feast
Like the subway in London, and the Embassy in Nairobi
If Iran gets the “Bomb” it will all end so abruptly!

Raeside: Middle East Extremists

Author’s Note: Daily newspaper articles and their cartoons bring us a close look at current affairs. I subscribe to the Times Colonist here in Victoria and they have cartoons by Raeside on a regular basis.

The above cartoon of a Hamas gun holder is half of a cartoon by Chappatie of the International Herald Tribune. He and a Fatah terrorist, similarly dressed, are holding a Palestinian family hostage between their death-struggle for power.

I would agree with the CDS and place scumbags as a caption in the etc box of Raeside’s cartoon in his guide to the different extremist factions in the Middle East.

Neither of these cartoons is funny… but they are true!