William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Patrolling forth the soldiers go out
A full magazine and one up the spout
They never question, never ask why
It’s always the other guy who will die

Their utter contempt for imminent death
Interpreted raw courage, it is soul in-depth
And most of them were a very young age
Jumping from planes they’d rant and they’d rage

It’s the Cpl Lavallee’s and the young PJ Hoare’s
And RSM Buxton who’s fingernails tore
Those are the ones who will thunder in
It was never you and me. It was always them and him!

So that’s how we got here? That’s why we got old?
For the Queen’s Shilling, our youth we have sold
The pension’s quite useless, there is little gold
And survival’s obtained by the crafty – the bold!