William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


There are a lot of great stories that ought to be told
Before the Old Soldier writers they do get too old
General Lew Mackenzie is writing another great book
I urge you all to acquire it for a soldier’s insider look

Other Canadian soldiers they should write a book too
Don Ethell, Ed Hanson, Murray Edwards are a few
Fourteen Peacekeeping Missions and the Korean War
World War II soldiers who gave Canada so much more

Stories of their friends like the Patricia’s Colonel George Flint
Who survived WW2 and Korea and on a PK Mission was sent
Shot by the Israelis and left in a roadside ditch to die?
Peacekeeping was dangerous – did anyone ask why?

Beyond the Danger Close and Sam’s Sloppy Sniper Section
Soldiers who were awesome and who were brave to perfection
The modern Canadian true History of Canada’s disbanded CAR
Should be told in fearless detail by the men who were there

Somalia and Rwanda, and the Balkan peacekeeper fights?
Now our Afghanistan Veterans should be getting their story right
John Labelle should write a book that would help ease the dissention
Urging PM Steve Harper to eliminate the claw back of our pensions!

  • CAR: Canadian Airborne Regiment
  • PM: Prime Minister