William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Shame Shame the Libranos are to blame
They stabbed us old vets in the back
The PM could swing this horrible thing
We could move from the red to the black

Harper is sharper real deep and quite darker
He could put the old vets all back on track
He has stayed quiet, hoping old vets will buy it
As the NDP, the Greens and the Blocks all attack

Stephen, he could fix it with one swipe of his pen
Putting the old vets all back on track once again
Many ridings are close and we will lose most
Where the old Librano ethnics play the host

It is a shame they do not listen to our John Labelle
A good man with a truth that below he does tell
We could be set free by the Conservative Party
Do not wait too long you could lose if you tarry

If the liberals squeak in then that would be a sin
Because the Tory Party did not pay attention
If the claw back was fixed the Libs would be nixed
And the old vets would get their full pensions

Military/RCMP Veterans
Against Annuity
Benefit Reduction at age 65

To: The Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada

Info: Our Supporters
Mr. Roger Boutin
Colonel (ret’d) Pat B. Stogran
Veterans Ombudsman

September 10, 2008

Subject: Your enclosed Conservative publication [not enclosed]

Dear Prime Minister Harper

It is regrettable that the Conservative party has lost it sense of fairness towards the financial dignity of Military/RCMP Veterans. In 1966 The Government of Canada engaged in a “deception”, when it enacted the CPP plan that affected Military/RCMP personnel and did not allow us to participate in the decision making process. Senators, MP’s and Judge Advocates have been exempted from the benefit reduction formula affecting their pension. Why were Military/RCMP personnel not treated in the same fashion? What consideration is given to our Military spouses? Many of them loss their career aspirations following us around the world, their dedication resulted in their loss of CPP benefits.

The Government of Canada is responsible for depleting the surplus in our pension account of almost 20 billion dollars. The Conservative party needs to fairly treat its Veterans and embrace them throughout the year, not only during Remembrance week or during an election campaign. Today’s Veterans continue to be dealt with in a negligent fashion. Consider that Military/RCMP Personnel are a different Government provider!

It is regrettable that during the past three (3) years our concerns have not being addressed and/or passed on to the Prime Minister of Canada. Now that we are in an election campaign, we must advise you that as of the present moment a large number of Veterans, their families and friends may not be voting Conservative in this campaign. Read the comments listed on our petition at: www.petitiononline.com/vets8.

Mr Harper, it’s not too late for you to demonstrate your sense of Leadership, fairness and justice towards Military/RCMP Veterans. You need to assure Veterans that a Conservative elected Government would terminate the clawback to their pension, thereby giving them back the financial dignity they so richly deserve.

Please reply soonest,


John Labelle
Campaign Coordinator