William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Ye can lead an auld harse tay wasser bid ya can na make im drink
An our poor auld Tory party dey’ve forgotten how ta think.
Yes it’s Tommie dis and Dennis dat and Johnnie in between.
Dat spent dare lives out overseas a’ serving o’dare Queen.

An wen dey all reached sixty five, dare was a great dissention.
Doze Tories dey would no amend dat clawed Army pension.
Auld veterans fought back an dey discussed de claw back on de Floor.
Doze Tories turned dare backs upon, doze who ad served de Corps.

Now it’s Johnnie dis and Sally dat and Donnie to committee.
An on de floor some words were sed: dat sounded awful shittee.
One auld kernel name o Lawrie Hawn, he was sure most uncouth.
Insultin wat an auld vet writ – dis vet who gave his yute.

Oh yes doze words upon de Floor dey sounded awful mean,
Insultin awe doze lads and lassies who’d bin servin o’dare Queen.
Mr Stoffer held de veterans torch as he waved de claw back flag on high.
Fer all doze Canadian men an women, dat were once prepared to die.

Dare’s our wounded o’er in Afghanistan, an some o dem were bleedin.
Lads an lassies, an a future claw back, dat dey jus won’t be needin.
Tommie dis and Billy dat an Johnnie’s seekin fair compensation.
Fer servin o’ our Canada, de friggen globe’s 1st “greatest Nation”!

You won’t be sorry if you vote Tory?
Iggy’s mirror on the wall:
“Which of us American’s is smarter than them all?”
I don’t want to be a constant Harper,
but I used to think our PM was sharper?
De Libranos claw back in debate,
how many votes can they generate?
Amend the clawback in the land of the free,
says Bill C-201 by the NDP!
There is no one else to vote for and it’s no fun,
so I will vote once again for Gary Lunn?

Author’s Note: friggen is a Canadian version of the French Canadian word Fuddleduddle which we got from Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Pierre also taught us de one finger salute, which veterans are now giving to all those who voted against Bill C-201.