William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


They put soldiers in with civvies way back in 66.
We’ve asked them to fix this but actions aren’t too quick!
Civvies had a union and they got paid for overtime;
Were at table for the Clawback and I feel okay, that is fine.

Soldiers, they did foot patrols seven days a week.
To put us in with civvies is the thing of which we speak.
We were a separate Government Agency, back then and that is true!
We were wronged and now they are using us as a cash cow too.

Our Afghan troops, they also work about 16 hours a day
And they don’t have a union to pay them O.T. pay.
Mr. PM, fix the Clawback; please answer our Question why
You continue Clawing back people who, for our Canada, would die?

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