William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Peter Stoffer, MP, is from the Sackville NB Eastern Shore.
He’s a Member of Parliament who attempts to do more.
He is to Canada’s’ Veterans, a true, faithful friend.
Trying to put the pension claw back, to it’s final end.

For years he has been trying to right this blatant wrong.
This faux pas to old veterans has just gone on far too long.
There will now be a chance for him, in his party’s elevation.
Making him official leader of the opposition for this Nation?

Veterans all know Peter, from coast to coast to coast.
We all respect him for his integrity and honesty, the most.
He will work tirelessly for the Country and for us, me and you.
We need a Democratic Leader, a man of the highest virtue.

Author’s Note: For PETER STOFFER MP – My nomination for Leader of the official Canadian opposition party – The Democratic Party of Canada.