William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Place a flyer on a car
Under a wiper blade
Place one on a bulletin board
In the supermarket today

Copy it and send it out to all your friends out there
Try to help Canada’s vets; show them that you care
Send one to your own MP
Request support from He or She

Have your family and your friends sign our petition on the net
We have just begun the fight to help each retired vet
Until each politician is clawed back or this wrong it is righted
Veterans we will speak our minds no longer we’ll be slighted

Thank you friends for putting our flyer up in the shopping mall
And putting a copy too from you upon each office bulletin board wall
Pass our petition www.petitiononline.com/vets8
To your fellow veterans prior to the next election date

Pass the flyers out at the Legion and down at the municipal hall
Take ‘em down to club ANAVETS make sure they are passed to all
Put one on each bulletin board at church without the Padre’s detection
Once the claw back it is rectified you give more to the collection

Do a mail out to your friends who do not have a computer
Give them out at old soldier’s homes that’s what you should do sir
Help us to support the good work of coordinator John Labelle
Canadians they should shout out loud – just like a parade square yell

Billy Willbond: The Veterans Flyer