William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Awe yes the vet
Lest we forget
Treated unfair? You got it – you bet
Keep him unhappy keep him upset
Wait long enough he’ll pass away yet?
But sometime soon an election we’ll get?
Will they find the money in our Federal budget?
To amend the claw back that the Libranos did beget
Those soldiers and cops who dodged the bullet
Serving their Country they were a Canadian asset
This writer he’s just an old disgruntled poet
In the days of his youth he wore a helmet
Then he worked at the cop shop to fill his wallet
At age 65 he got a clawed back pension offset
Pass the word: Petition on-line, along the whole worldwide net
Awe yes the vet
Lest we forget

A veteran – whether active duty, retired, or reserve – is someone who, at one point in his/her life, signed a blank check made payable to “The People of Canada”, for an amount “up to and including my life.”

Author’s Note: Every single one of us has a responsibility to look after our soldiers, veterans, and their families. Anyone can lay back and criticize, lay blame, point fingers, or disagree with politicians and their policies. It is high time my generation got off of their arses and into the game. If you can do nothing else but vote, make sure you do. We live in a democratic free society and there are far too many that take that for granted. “Perseverance prevails when all else fails!”