William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Why, I am often asked, do you still vote Tory?
Who else in my riding deserves that vote from me?
I have toyed with an idea, perhaps it’s obscene?
I even thought about supporting those brand New Greens.

We’ve got the ad scammers and their new boss Iggy.
He is from the USA and some say that’s no biggie?
He came from a nowhere university down in the U.S.
Are his intentions honourable? That’s anyone’s guess.

Iggie and Steve Harper were absent from the vote?
These are the sorts of things that old veteran note.
Harper wants to hold on to this valuable cash cow.
Surplus found funds are always needed right now.

If he amends the Clawback it won’t cost him one cent.
Move us away from the civvies and we’ll be content.
If all the new soldiers paid an extra two percent
Pensions then topped up it would be good money spent

Back in the day we were given no choice.
Soldiers and Federal Cops they had no voice.
Highly paid bureaucrats lumped us all into one.
Starting the claw back that now is no fun.

Lunn, O’Connor, Hawn, Thompson and McKay
Voted against old veterans just the other day.
Come the next election the writings on the wall,
My party might lose and by that I’m appalled.