William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Dennis went to the high court and he won the case for the troops:
Those who served and are missing their arms legs or boots.
The claw back has ended the Government now knows the truth.
Now will they appeal it? That would really be unfair and uncouth.
Thank you Peter Stoffer, MP Casey and Elizabeth May.
You stood by the troops at the end of the day.
Bless you for caring about our sick ex-uniformed personnel.
Serving this great Country some went through pure hell.
Thank you Dennis Manuge for sticking to your guns.
The long fight was hard and it certainly wasn’t any fun.
Your kept faith in the Lord and you cared for all of the others.
You brought comfort to the troops and their Dads and their Mothers.
You keep your nose to the grindstone and you didn’t lose.
Veterans owe a great to you, Mr. Dennis Manuge.

Author’s Note: This is a short poem inspired by the tenacity and courage of Dennis Manuge, and is written to celebrate the ending of the SISSIP CLAWBACK put onto the backs of our disabled and wounded veterans by the money grubbing folks in the government and those who hold the policy at the head shed. The high court of Canada stated that the claw back was unjust, and unfair. Now it is up to the Government to do the right thing get on with the compensation of these disabled veterans.