William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Silence is typical of the mean traditional trough feeding Dionites
They won’t stand up and answer the veterans who they slight!!
They clawed back our pensions in nineteen hundred sixty five
There was no union protection for the pensions of our guys

Grouping us with the civvies who collect double time is that right?
Soldiers worked twenty four seven marching out on foot patrols
The pension changes were kept quiet – did they ever tell a soul?
Those of us that are still alive we just found out when we turned 65

We have spelled out the truth about the wrong action to be righted
All political parties out there know that we still are being slighted
Backed by our Senior Officers and the Superintendents RCMP
We hear the LibTory political silence in this great land of the free

Is the pension cash cow too lucrative for them to do what is right?
Green Party, Block Party Québécois, and NDP back our fight
They are backing our quest and their political futures look bright
Veteran families, and each friend switching allegiance to that end?

Veterans have the power to control at least five or six seats
This will be discussed during local veterans meet and greets
It appears that the two Stephens both are in the same bed?
Both have remained politically quiet with nothing being said

Author’s Note: Our government is having a difficult time recruiting good people for the Forces and for the National Police Force – If this wrong is righted it might make the careers more desirable to young Canadians ? If we can get this fixed and the wrong righted we will be doing honour to our troops in the front line in Afghanistan and around the world then they too will too receive their full pensions when they reach sixty five. In the meantime it behoves us to have our family and friends sign the petition and pass the word to all Canadians all across this Great Nation from sea to sea to sea.