William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Awe yes the old vet
Lest we forget
Treated unfair? You got it! You bet!
Keep him unhappy keep him upset?
Wait long enough and he’ll pass away yet?
Will they find the monies in the surplus federal budgets?
To amend the claw back that the Libranos did beget?
These old soldiers and cops they have dodged the bullet
When serving their Country they were a Canadian asset
Perhaps this writer is just a disgruntled old soldier poet?
In the days of his youth he wore a helmet
Then he worked at the cop shop to fill his wallet
At age 65 he received the clawed back pension offset
Pass the word www.petitiononline.com/vets8 along the whole net
Awe yes the old vet
Lest we forget