William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our Canadian Veterans, they have a great Claw Back Team.
They have worked hard for years on the Claw Back Scene.
They never backed down and they never ever retreat.
They never, never ever considered a National defeat.

They won on the floor of the House with Bill C-201,
But the PM torpedoed this Bill, once we had won.
Peter Stoffer has helped our great claw back team win.
To have it stopped after 3rd reading is a real mortal sin.

The team is still working, Roger, Mel and John,
For democratic justice, and fairness they continue on.
They asked the PM and Tory MPs to right this wrong
But a bureaucrat form letter still sings a negative song.

So thank you Roger Boutin, Mel Pitman, John Labelle.
Thank you for giving the veteran naysayers pure hell.
We look for a victory to stop each clawed back pension:
By the vote from all veterans when they show their dissention.

Dear Friends,

The attached Christmas card was designed by our Web Master, Mr. Mel Pittman.

Our Christmas message is clear, with a reminder of our outstanding Veterans issues.

We must also take time to remember our fallen Comrades and the price they have paid for our freedom.


John Labelle
Veterans Annuity Campaign
(Trust the Lord! Serve the People!)
December 13, 2010

Christmas Card: The Claw Back Team