William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


If soldiers survive until age sixty five
They get their pensions clawed back because they’re still alive
The civvies have a Union and they get double time
Not so all the lads standing in the Army’s pay line!

Putting us with the civvies was a bureaucrats dream
They’d handle us all on the same admin scheme
We dug our deep bunkers with haste and with zest
Whilst the Overtime paid Civvies sat safe at their desks

One asks why there is such a Canadian Forces dissention.
When the lads get clawed back on their old age Army Pension
One asks why these old soldiers they make such a fuss.
‘Twas planned by officials in private – no one ever told us!

The Government seized thirty billion from our pension trust
But there is money still left to stifle this fuss
And we all know if the Tory Government it is fair to us!
Veterans and their families will make voting PC a must!

  • PC: Progressive Conservative (The current Governmental Ruling Party in Canada)

Author’s Note: All opinions and feelings listed above and below are those of the author who writes proactive military and peacekeeping poetry, and these thoughts and opinions cannot be attributed to any organization or group. The political feelings, although shared by many family members, friends, and veterans all across this great nation, are also personal.

In a democracy where soldier’s fought and died for our right to freedom of speech, some still feel threatened and dare not speak out because we have a minority government. In my opinion that is exactly the time to do so because the government needs our backing and perhaps they will listen to veterans and help to right some wrongs. The Ombudsman is an excellent first step!

As you might guess, I am a card carrying, paid-up, dues paying member of the Progressive Conservative party and I belief they are doing their best for veterans and veterans rights.

The Librano biased media would ditz our Progressive Conservative (PC) Government and, as you know, have tried to negatively impact our present hardworking minority government from day one. We have a better chance of getting veterans’ rights and correcting wrongs through the PCs than we ever had with the Liberals or the white flag waving NDPers. I believe that the pension clawback will be addressed and rectified by the ombudsman and by this minority government. To go back to the Liberals who took 30 billion dollars from our pension coffers would be a faux pas of the first order (just my opinion) as we saw the Libs downsize the CDF and disband my beloved Canadian Airborne Regiment.

I am a proud member of the Patricia’s Senior NCOs retirement club now because Trudeau saw fit to disband my beloved Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada because the liberals thought my Regiment was “too English” etc.

I believe that peacekeeping day in Canada will be declared at the 9th of August Ceremonies and “Advised at the Wall of Honour “ in Calgary this summer when the eyes off the Country will be focused on Calgary where the names of our 120 Peacekeepers and the 66 UN Peace Support Operations Personnel killed in Afghanistan are etched in stone.

The PCs are listening and taking action. They will appoint the Ombudsman most likely at the same ceremony or at the very least he will be appointed soon! (Again these are just my personal opinions). O’Connor is correct our party cannot correct all of the mistakes of the former Government at once but they are at least trying. He did rubber stamp the form letter used “re the clawbacks” by the Liberals, however, the clawback is wrong for all of the reasons listed in yards of correspondence from veterans from coast to coast to coast.

When something is wrong and needs to be corrected, the Progressive Conservatives are the party to take the bull by the balls and castrate the problem.