William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Soldiers say: Taliban Jacko’s just a wee bit of a whacko?
Pullout talks with foreign terrorists and the suicidal Taliban?
Then, will the mass murders of school taught women and girls began?
Quit, lets retreat, let’s all lose the day, waving white flags in hand
Let the headlines display, if our Jack has his say, that the Canadians ran?

He’s named Taliban Jack by the guys at the front
Brave Canadians who take casualties and suffer the brunt
Our Canadian soldiers they carry NATO’s front line fight
Knowing that what they are doing is clearly in the right!

Our soldiers are winners when on the attack
Knowing at home Canadians have all got their back
But the NDP support it is often quite slack
Mainly it’s the NDP leader, their own Taliban Jack!

CF pensions, Soldiers say, are all clawed back?
We’ll help amend legislation, says Taliban Jack!
Stephane Dion, says he’ll fix the pension too!
To gather votes from vets like me and like you?

Our Tories in power might just save the hour?
They might beat Jacko and Librano Stephane?
Cards close to their vest they might pass the test?
Presenting a newly amended CF pension plan?

Author’s Note: Thanks to writer John Finn, whose letter, “NDP can force change for veterans” in the Times Colonist on Sunday January 9, 2007 inspired part of this piece.