William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I have written well over a thousand rhymed poems
I left them in offices on files and in homes
Some rhymes they told of Canadian Army Glory
Some about overseas aid and this old soldier’s story

About the cop shop where I worked in cells for many years
And on the front desk where I listened to citizen’s tears
Folks who were beaten they come in to talk to me
On the front desk at the cop shop at CSPD

I wrote poems about cops that I often worked with
Old Constable Graham Mitchell and Constable Bruce Smith
I worked there for more than twenty two years
Returning to Civvie Street again – with now no payday fears

Pensions received appear to be okay, Police and my OAP monthly pay
The clawed back Army Pension, along with Canada Pension’s Payday
The house it is paid for and the kids they are all gone away
I’m still writing poems as I sing my ICROSS CANADA swan song today

No matter where I went and no matter where I roamed
I’ve always carried notebooks to write down my poems
Bondo, it was filling the aids orphans with Izzy doll glee
Writing of poems about Africa was a comfort to me

More poems about Africa, Bungoma, Lornguswo
Seeing the sorrow wherever I go,
Helping the suffering who have HIV Aids
Delivering the ointments, pain killers, band aids

Helping the Tsunami and Earthquake in Peru
Feeding the infants in Lilongwe trying to make do
Meds for an epidemic in Ngodzi on Lake Malawi
Painkillers and Izzy dolls to treat a little patient’s owie

Hauling in equipment – buying a CD4 machine
Helping to save thousands on the HIV AIDS scene
Feeding the kids in the huge Kibera Slum
Aid to the wounded from you donors it comes

Supporting an Aids Orphan rape victim – her name is Poline
Paying her room and board – keeping her new clothes clean
ICROSS CANADA supporters: Lew, Robert, Mike and Paul
Look after her welfare each year and pay her tuition each fall

Sending four medical containers to help ease African pain
Hearing about saving some lives again and again
A boy-soldier school water well, we dug in Liberia
To help the village ministries to meet their criteria

We sent 10 x PTPs for Canadian Doctors in Myanmar
Saving more lives we helped to raise the Canadian do-gooder bar
I suppose I’ll keep writing the ICROSS CANADA poems
Finding thousands of Boomer Caps and Izzy dolls good homes

Thank you my friends for advertising this poem
It will help you to send cheques to my Saanichton home
PO Box 3 – V8M 2C3 – many thank you(s) from me!