William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


In Ottawa there’ll be a lot of contention
about the increase, to our Army Pension
In the kitty we once, had lots a’ dough
as those of us, on the pension all know

They took that money without asking us
and now they ask: “what is all the fuss?”
The lads have a right to scream and holler
about inflation costs and the lower dollar

We are told that in 2005, we will get one point seven
many’s de lad dey lef dis year-died-an went to heaven
The money left over from all those who died
was called a “surplus” by our leader who lied?

So thank you Paul from us all, who live on the poverty line
Your pay is good and as it should ya seem to be doin fine!
Poverty’s de thanks those in de ranks, now receive from you
remember de soldiers have families – an dey all are voters too!

Author’s Note: Paul: Paul Martin who was Finance Minister when he took Billions and Billions of Dollars from out of our Pension Fund and he is now our glorious leader and Prime Minister of Canada (albeit a minority Government). He called the removal of our Pension Monies a “surplus”. We can look forward to “Spartan” increases now that the Government has removed de “Surplus” from our pension fund and there are now no monies left for decent raises. Food for thought lads

Just back from the store where I paid $24.00 for a box of laundry soap and a fill up of my truck on the way back cost me $125.00 – thanks be to God for the pension increase!!! And as I stood at the pumps the new Veterans Plates did look good on my truck though, (as I did a self serve which filled both tanks on my old Ford). Tanks be te God dat de Wife she still works – Dis o’l Soldier is no gent now dat my pension cheques all spent – all de bes lads.

Hey one good ting de Government did las week was dey did say dat dey would help to keep Cpl Topham’s VC in the country an I yam appy wid dat – so it ain’t all doom and gloom even though it is lean pickings – an once the pension cheques are gone there are still the drop in centres and the shelters, still the soup kitchens and food banks for our lads who served their country with pride.

dis dat dese and doze are patois hinglish words from the Gatineau Hills where dis writer was raised – Blessings, Billy