William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Is a 3rd Term Questionable?

I believed then that it was an honest first Conservative Term.
We received another minority because they just didn’t learn.
My own MP Gary Lunn failed to heed the warning we gave.
As weekly, elderly last post veterans they left for the grave.

Oh I have stuck loyally by the Tory Party, and still do today
As Laurie Hawn and Chuck Strahl did the claw back word play.
If our Tory’s don’t listen when C201 returns from committee…
They will lose the next election and that will be a real pity.

There was no need to belittle an old veteran’s letter.
Colonel Hawn’s claw-back-free, and he should know better.
The veteran’s community, all across this great Nation,
Await the results of the Committee with great anticipation.