William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Soldiers quickly get jobs on civvie street;
Cut their hair, shine their shoes and they dress real neat
They never argue with the boss with negative debate
They never had a Union and they never ever are late

Loyally serving our Country, their Queen and King
They us gave a lot and never asked for a thing
In the end from Ottawa, there was a bone of great contention
Upon reaching age 65, they get a clawed back Army pension!

They served this Country for very little pay
Slept in bunkers on the ground and were often away
Bitten by sand fleas and many other tiny bugs
Missing Christmas and Birthdays and family group hugs.

Retiring early from the Army they begin new careers
And they go to the Legion to have a few beers
They spent their youth years whilst serving o’er there
Some of our lads came back with a permanent 10 mile stare

So I hope that you write to your very own M.P.
And tell them, with this “claw back” that you don’t agree
The NDP put it forward without our brothers, the RCMP
That was a slap in the face, to both you and me!

I gotta say a big thank you to Chief John Labelle
Who worked long and hard and who did us all well
With old and new soldiers, together we’ll yell
That we want positive action, because we’re mad as Hell!