William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Soldiers are a close knit family and that’s what makes us nearly next of kin
Commandos are guys who watched your back no matter where you’ve been
Yes many of us we drank too much and our language was often bad
And many of us have shed a tear at a comrade’s death, so sad!

On August nine we all form up and again on the eleventh of November
At cenotaphs old veterans stand, bow their heads, and again remember
Regimental brothers who lie overseas killed by bullets bombs and disease
Those who now come home in body bags, we too, remember these!

Kinship brothers check your gear whilst you are standing on the ramp
2 Commando drops below Heart Hill and marches back to Wainright Camp
These kinship brothers are now SS techs, they once were para riggers
The head shed came with a name change – some things are hard to figure?

We ended up with a safety systems technician
But he helped us to complete each para drop mission
They used to be the RCOC, those jumper para riggers –
Helping out us RCIC guys – we lads who squeezed the triggers!

Trained as a unit and a family we were brothers of the AIRBORNE INFANTRY
We jumped from planes away up high raining victory from the sky
We were all prepared to do or die – like the each gallant 600 cavalry guy
Never, ever asking why; now a clawed back pension is our piece of the pie!