William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I hate to say I told you so: “Amend the Army claw back” but you wouldn’t let go.
You voted against Bill C-201 with the election coming, we are now on the run.
Today’s poll shows us that Iggy edges our Conservatives Party – he’s out ahead.
The Green Party beat us in Quebec and in that Province we are now dead.

Those extremely crucial close thin seats where we could have had the win.
Are gone to the official opposition parties and they won’t be back soon again.
Take the initiative and amend the claw back, get our CPC party back on track.
Do it for the elderly disabled Canadian Vet – We can still win, it is not over yet?

Our Military Community and their families were all glued to their TV sets.
The whole population of our Country watched you vote against our old vets.
It was plain before that if you had tried to right this blatant faux pas wrong.
The Conservative Party of Canada would be singing the vote victory song.

I sure hope I have not wasted my current CPC support donation cheque?
But the future looks grim with the Green Party stats down in Quebec.
Canadian Liberal Leader
Michael Ignatief
I am quite proud of what my minority party has accomplished – it’s true.
I feel that the present PMO crew, did not properly, give briefings to you?

You could have won the hearts and minds of all Canadian Vets.
Instead only on November the eleventh, you said lest we forget.
Look at the plight of the retired Junior Ranks; sure it’s not too late yet.
They have poverty line pensions and that’s a thing of regret.

Gen O’Connor and LCol Hawn have the cherry pensions of what they speak.
But the Career Rfn and LCpls are on the lowest pension rung and that’s bleak.
The poor sail along hand to mouth until they reach the age of sixty five years.
Then they get their Army Pensions clawed back which brings families to tears.

So if you are wondering just how we Conservatives will lose the majority vote.
Check the attached list of old “claw back poems” that this old soldier poet wrote.