William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Employment Insurance Flyer
Employment Insurance Flyer: Click on graphic to view larger version
I received a flyer in the mail today saying
there’s an EI surplus the Government didn’t have to pay?
This surplus itself was partially paid for by the troops –
doing Afghan patrols in their combat boots
However it is a found surplus and a solution
that could right the Liberal founded claw back wrong
Unless our Canadian politicians continue to look away
and keep on singing the form letter song

A lot of good Canadian folks have taken a note –
now they’ve decided for whom they will now vote
The block and the greens and the Commie NDP
or they won’t vote at all in this land of the free?
Famous Libranos of long time under the table fame
continue to play along with the claw back game
And another thing that I now find funny
is our own former Reform Party with a firm grip on our money

There is a National Opportunity to right
this blatant claw back of RCMP and old soldier’s pensions
The solution is simple – have our own PM write
an amendment that would satisfy all of this dissention
Thank you again Mr Harper for re-considering
the re-writing of this wrong legislation
Ditch the claw back and the Tories will gain more seats
from all across this Great Nation