William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I once was young and agile and bold
but that was before I matured to: “old”
my knees are creaky my hip is weak
and I gotta keep running to take a leak!

I jumped from airplanes in the sky
I never questioned or never asked why
I worked long hours every day
‘twas for my Country – not for the pay!

This year I’ll be turning age sixty five
I can’t believe that I am still alive!
I survived the bullets and the Hong Kong flu
Mosquitoes, Fever and Malaria too!

There were a few times that I almost died
It was so serious that my Mother cried
modern medicines they have saved my life
and brought me home safe to my darling wife

Thank you all at DND and thank you at our VAC
you ask us, “What is all this fuss?”
Look what youse guys have done to us
you broke your oath, of loyal trust!

That’s something field soldiers have never done
when we were digging deep bunkers in the sun
Our Canada we served with love and pride
and now youse take us for a ride!

I am getting older, and my hair is white grey
I am fulltime dependant on the Governmental Pay
I am on the Army pension, because I did my time
clawed back in September: ‘twill have to close this rhyme!

Author’s Note: In order to celebrate their survival, the Government is clawing back old soldier’s pensions when they reach age sixty five. I understand our new Conservative Government is going to take positive proactive steps to rectify this faux pas to our aging soldiers and that is why we voted for the PCs; we were tired of getting the shaft from the Liberals. Many thanks to CWO John Labelle for fighting the good fight on our behalf

I get the Army, Police and the Canada Pension
OAP claw back will be a contention
‘cause now I am old and have no say
as the Government goes ahead to cut my pay!

Be Well My Friends
Billy: March 9, 2006