William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(From A Loud Roar to a Little Peep)

Ever notice the size of the articles, printed in the newspaper?
Re Libranos who stood delivering false info re the Cadman Caper?
What was the size of the headlines printed about that untrue affair?
These allegations were all found unfounded-do Canadians really care?

One certainly cannot trust a Liberale like Stephanie Dion?
He can’t cut the mustard and his allegations were wrong!
There is no evidence of wrong doing, reports our own R.C.M.P.
No credence to the insurance offer of a million dollar policy

The Tories they didn’t bribe MP Cadman, you might all want to note?
The Librano media hacks say the Tories tried to buy him and his vote?
The headlines were huge then, but what about the rebuttal?
Canadians could have missed it – the headlines small and so subtle

That is why I’ve attached it to let the Canadian Public know
Stephan Harper he is an honest man and he runs a clean show!
Now if he could only get his arms around that clawed back Army Pension?
We’d be looking at many more years and his permanent retention!

Author’s Note: Inspired by the Times Colonist “buried deep” article of May 17, 2008 is reproduced below


OTTAWA – The RCMP has wrapped up its investigation into the Chuck Cadman affair and concluded there is no evidence to support any criminal charges. Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc had asked the Mounties in February to investigate allegations the Conservatives tried to bribe the dying Surrey Independent MP by offering him a million-dollar life insurance policy, just days before a critical vote in 2005 that could have toppled the minority Liberal government at the time. – CNS