William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The summer has come, and all of the House MPs have gone home.
Our troops on patrol in Afghanistan now aren’t alone as they roam.
Those brave American support soldiers fly into Kandahar each day.
With these increased troop boot numbers the Taliban will now pay.

Our veterans and RCMP members they now have a chance.
The claw back Bill C-201 went to committee to be enhanced.
When it returns to the floor for third reading all will then see.
Fairness and democracy at work here in this land of the free.

At present our pensions they are a big Government cash cow.
CPP big bonus Canadian bureaucrats have shown our PM how.
By putting soldiers in with the civvies would enrich and endow.
The Government coffers with found surplus monies, oh wow!

At first the liberals borrowed from our impressive slush fund.
But then they reneged because so much free money was fun.
Perhaps our Conservatives of Canada will soon see the light.
And support the old clawed back veterans in this fight for right?