William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


This is a clear election message for our P.M.
From all of the clawed back CF women and men
See the list attached from many of the brass
Not just signatures of the rank and file class

See all of the signatures from the commie NDP
They’ll fix the claw back for the CF and RCMP
Librano’s gave the damn clawback to you and me
A political backstab in this land of the free

When cops and old soldiers they reach sixty five
Pensions are clawed back if they’re still alive
A negative impact on their old age family life
It’s hard on the family, especially the wife

If the claw back’s amended before the election
Veterans can swing power in an upward direction
A bad system can be fixed and become a perfection
The Tory Party can become the veteran’s selection

Do we really want another minority count in the House?
Perhaps the Liberales will squeak in just like a mouse?
This is a National popularity contest at its real best
Tory’s, cancel the claw back, and you pass the test

Three Tory MPs have signed our petition of late
It is time for our P.M. to clean off the slate
Do away with the Claw Back and gain veteran support
This flawed clawback legislation our P.M. can abort

Author’s Note: MPs of the NDP, The Green Party of Canada, and the Bloc Quebecois have all indicated they support the doing away with the claw back pensions for Canadian Forces Veterans and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The words in this poem are strictly those of this old poet and no malice is meant by my terms and affectionate nick names used in lobbying/trying to right a wrong.

John Labelle is our Campaign Coordinator: Important Sites


Be well my friends