William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Or Should That Be “Selection Perfection”?)

You get to elect those who you federally select?
However, many old soldiers just don’t give a heck?
For those sent into power they have no true respect?
MPs they aren’t clawed back, and that shows disrespect?
For those of us lobbying we are a pain in their neck!
They would like to amalgamate us veterans into one association?
To help curb, big mouths like me all across this great Nation?
Our wounded, Agent Orange, Nerve gas, and Atomic Bomb Radiation
Suffering, Sick and dying soldiers without any government compensation
And of course when these guys have the nerve to survive
They get their pensions clawed back when they reach sixty five!

Author’s Note: Vote Lads Vote (and carefully and often – like they do in Zimbabwe)