William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The UN cut funds for help in Darfur
and that gravely affects the suffering Poor
Dither is spouting about flags at half mast
as he now glorifies his own flag lowering past

Our lads are out serving o’er in Afghanistan
and returning in bags as per the El Qaeda plan
Who asks: When will this madness, come to a stop?
Are we just o’er there to guard the grow op?

‘Twas the former P.M. who sent out our few troops
and ‘twas Liberales, that cut CF’s the number of boots
and now the Libranos stand and spout on the floor
about why PM Harper doesn’t do more?

Dither seized our pension fund for adscam payments and more
then he clawed back our pensions and made us all quite poor
On Fridays they want us to wear the Liberal colour red
wear the Lieberale colours for those who died and bled?

The colour of liberal red ribbons is for HIV Aids and Awareness
also it reminds us, of the Liberano’s traditional lack of fairness
So wear a yellow ribbon, for all of our troops to safely come home
wouldn’t that be a more conservative and appropriate way to atone?

Author’s Note: The El Qaeda would like to keep our flag permanently at half mast – let us not play into their murderous game – keep the flag flying – support our PM and support the troops