William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I worked to support Buddy Harper back in the day.
We were the REFORM and made the Lieberales pay.
Steve promised us he would act in a democratic way.
Back before the mandarins made him heel and obey.

The Democratic Party and our good buddy Stoffer, Peter,
Fought the pension claw back and it was a vote beater.
We won Bill C-201 three times on the parliament floor.
Then Steve pulled out the rug on veterans who are poor.

My buddy Dale says perhaps he’s a political saint?
But thousands of old veterans all say that he ain’t.
If he is, then perhaps, he is taking way too long?
To take action in the righting of this terrible wrong!

All those saints at the head shed and down at VAC.
Must try a wee bit harder to right the wrongs that they see.
Care for our wounded and amend or cancel the broken NVC.
Bring justice and fairness to the Veterans Review Committee.

Healthy Modern day veterans should sit on the Review Board
To ensure that the degree of fairness is not really, untoward.
Listen to the wounded veterans. Give the benefit of the doubt.
Err on the side of justice and fairness, using truthful VAC clout.